Am I Shredded or What?!

Am I Shredded or What?!

Haha! Just kidding! This was me in the summer just after my first year of college. Not exactly sure what my measurements or body fat percentages were then… I just went to the gym and ate chicken and rice!

Hi, reader(s)… if there are any O_o

My name is Mike Chounlamontry. All of my friends call me Chewy, so uhh… yeah, you can call me Chewy, too 😀

I’m in the military… I exercise nearly everyday. I spend a lot of my free time in my room studying one or two languages and FaceTime-ing my baby! You’re probably wondering why I’m online, putting up pictures of me (sexy sexy me..!) from a few years ago. If not, I’m just going to tell you anyways 🙂 I’ve put on a lot of weight since then… and I am definitely not happy with what I see. So I decided I wanted to do something about it!

I just bought the new iPod Touch and I thought, “Why not put it to good use?!” I downloaded a couple calorie counting apps to give myself a little “motivation.” Other “motivational” stuffs on my iPod are pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger, cool quotes about being in the gym, and music that make my ears bleed! I’m a huge fan of dubstep, trance, and D&B!

Today I set some goals for myself: keep a blog of the things I do (exercise, eating healthy, etc.) at least once a week, monitor my body fat at least once a month, and most importantly, to get lean and sexy!

Earlier this afternoon, I went to the fitness center for my scheduled MetaCheck and Bod Pod!!! I walked into a really quiet lobby, nobody was there and it was just, overall, really really awkward. I signed in on a computer and sat down. There was a small coffee table in the room with a basket filled with cute little recipe cards that you could take home.

After what felt like a really long wait, the woman who is to conduct my tests finally comes out of her office and asks me if I am Mike Chou… chou…  “Yes, ma’am. That’s me.” She takes me to a small office. There’s a really comfortable looking chair in the corner with a breathing thingy of some sort, a computer that’s connected to a scale and this awesome looking “pod” to the right.

I sit on the super comfortable chair, breathe into the breathing thingy, stand on the scale and sit inside the awesome looking pod 😀 And I got my results right there! So here it is:

My resting metabolic rate is: 1886 calories/day.

My weight is 186lbs.

My body fat percentage is 27.1%!


(pause reading for just a second and let that soak in… nearly a third of my body is made of lard)

From all of this, I conclude that I am overweight, fat and slow… However, I now have a good place to start.

That’s all for now! Come back again next Thursday for more updates on my path to being lean!